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Everything you need to know about Metal Buildings!

1. What’s the Difference Between Metal Carports, Garages, Barns, and RV Covers?

Metal carports are flexible metal structures you can erect outside your home or business. Their steel body makes them durable and protects all objects stored under them. Metal carports are made of steel and are completely open on all sides. They provide a shed to park vehicles, protect the straw from getting wet, and offer shelter and protection to household items.

Metal garages are closed on three sides with a door in the front. They are ideal for storing tools, parking vehicles, storing lawn equipment, starting a small shop, etc.

Metal barns are agricultural buildings. They can store farm equipment, organic feed, and even livestock. They are also closed structures like garages, but they are much bigger.

Metal RV Covers are specially designed for recreational vehicles. You can securely park your RV and save it from the weather elements.

2. Can Metal Carports Be Moved?

The short answer is Yes.

While it is highly recommended to build a metal carport where you want it installed, it can be moved if you have a better location on the property or have to move to a new property.

There are two ways to move a metal carport.

  1. Moving the Assembly

Moving the assembled metal carport saves the time and effort needed to put it back together. However, relocating the complete structure can only be done over small distances. When moving it assembled, the risk of damaging a part of the metal carport is higher.

  1. Disassembling and Moving

It requires both time and effort to disassemble the carport and assemble it again at the new location. On the other hand, it may be the only way to transport a large metal carport over long distances or without causing any damage.

Metal carports may also be anchored to the ground for extra stability. They can still be moved, but you must remove the anchors, which is an additional task.

3. Can Anyone Build a Metal Carport?

Yes, if you have the right tool. However, like any trade, it is better to leave the installation to a professional. A professional will be better placed to advise you on choosing the right type of metal structure, the size of the metal structure you need, whether you need anchors to support your carport and other considerations. When you get your metal carport from professionals, you can be sure of the sturdiness, security, and durability of the structure you will be using to protect your assets.

4. Is It Worth Investing in an Outdoor Metal Structure?

100% Yes. Don’t listen to us. Listen to reason.

Protect Your Assets

You are investing in a metal structure to protect your assets against weather elements or theft. You are protecting your vehicle, tools, farm animals, and other important assets which cannot be stored inside the house.

Affordable metal garages and RV covers protect your car from debris, dust, weather, hailstorms, and many other natural withering agents.

Cost-Effective Option

Unlike a garage, metal buildings are more cost-effective to build and maintain.

If you have seasonal space needs, you build a temporary metal garage directly on the ground. You can build a permanent structure with concrete pads.

5. Can Metal Garages Be Insulated?

Yes, and they should be. Adding an insulation layer to a metal garage prevents condensation inside or outside the metal structure. Continued exposure to moisture can damage exposed metal, cause mildew, or lead to mold damage.

Insulating a garage becomes even more important when storing old books, livestock, metal tools, and other such sensitive assets. You can just buy a metal carport depending on your current needs and gift yourself the extra secure space on your land.

Insulation will also help reduce the noise coming out of the garage. So, you won’t be causing any trouble in the neighborhood or disturbing your family inside the house.

6. Do I Need a Permit For Owning a Metal Carport?

Yes. All structures, temporary or permanent, require a permit. However, it is up to the customer to get a permit or not.

With the varying laws in each state, the best course of action would be to contact your local inspector and ask them the permit requirement for a metal carport in your state.

7. Should You Choose Certified Metal Carports Over Cheaper Non-Certified Carport?

The only advantage that non-certified carports have over certified carports is price. They are cheaper. When you choose a certified metal carport, you are choosing:


The certification ensures the safety of the metal carports against average weather conditions. So, when you buy a certified metal carport, you know that you have invested in a product that will protect and secure your assets, not damage them.

Higher RoI

Certified metal carports with their quality guarantee are likely to last you longer. They have passed the safety tests, are made of galvanized steel, and are covered with a protective coating. So, certified carports are not an expense but an investment with better returns.

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